Client: Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)
Location: Waterfall
Value: $4 million

Description of Works
The Waterfall Commuter Carpark involved the construction of a carpark with 207 car spaces and 7 designated DDA approved parking spaces. The construction of the carpark was staged to allow continual usage of the parking facility utilised by commuters and access to the Royal National Park for patrons.

Designated walkways and parking complies with DDA requirements to allow safe passage to the adjacent Waterfall Railway Station. North Shore Paving’s strict environmental controls ensured no contamination of the immediately adjacent Royal National Park. Bush regeneration works were subsequently conducted to ensure the ongoing protection of the National Park.

Key Features

  • Site remediation (Asbestos contaminated soils)
  • Earthworks (rock excavation and filling)
  • Retaining walls (block and gabion)
  • Stormwater (including detention tanks with over 170m3 capacity)
  • Bio-retention basins and swales
  • Service relocation (water mains, sewer and domestic supplies)
  • Subgrade, sub base and base course preparation
  • Asphaltic concrete and concrete pavements
  • Lighting and CCTV