Client: Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Location: Sydney Olympic Park
Value: $280,000

Description of Works

The project at the Newington Armory contained many elements which were designed to increase the parking capacity whilst limiting the use of impervious pavements at the same time as maintaining usability. These elements included; a 200m long asphalt shared path, a 'Truckgrid' truck access driveway with a concrete layback and a 'Grass Protecta' overflow car park with an asphalt driveway/entry area.

Key Features

  • 200m asphalt shared path constructed with timber edging
  • Concrete slabs at the interface of the new pathway and existing roads
  • Concrete kerb construction
  • 'Truckgrid' System
  • Signage and line marking
  • Full depth asphalt pavement driveway/entry area
  • Excavation
  • Road base works
  • Turfing and landscaping