North Shore Paving specialises in the provision of high-quality footpath construction for commercial, residential and government clients. Whether it’s a council or private footpath of any size in asphalt, concrete or pavers, our experienced civil engineering experts have your project requirements covered. We can assist you with:

  • Council Footpaths
  • Domestic Pathways
  • Streetscape
  • Having delivered footpath and related construction projects for over 40 years, we’re the preferred contractors of many New South Wales councils and we regularly undertake footpath construction projects for a broad range of clients throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and right across New South Wales.

    Council, Business and Residential Footpaths in Asphalt, Concrete or Pavers

    At North Shore Paving, we offer our clients a wide range of options for their footpath construction project, including a choice of asphalt, concrete and pavers. Our civil engineers are here to help you make the right decisions about your new footpath and can advise you on all aspects of your project, from council regulations to aesthetics, maintenance requirements and so much more.

    Asphalt – One of the most popular choices for footpath projects, asphalt is economical, durable, safe and recyclable, plus it’s also very cost-effective to repair and keep it looking its best in the long-term.

    Concrete – In addition to its variety of colours, which many find aesthetically appealing, concrete is long-lasting, economical and delivers a high performance at a low life-cycle cost, making it very cost-effective.

    Paving – More expensive than asphalt or concrete, paved footpaths have plenty to offer, including minimal maintenance, unique aesthetic benefits and excellent life expectancy under normal loads.

    Whether you have a particular material in mind for your footpath construction project or you’re unsure which material is the best choice for your requirements, we’re here to help you make your footpath project a complete success, starting with the selection of the most suitable material to use

    Peripheral Footpath Works

    To enable you to get the exact look you’re after, the experienced civil engineers at North Shore Paving can include a variety of peripheral works, such as landscaping or turfing, in the design and construction of your new footpath. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the peripheral works that we can include in your project and the most suitable ways to incorporate them.

    Quality Assured Footpath Services

    For your complete assurances, all the footpath construction projects we deliver are overseen by our experienced civil engineers who can design an attractive footpath to suit the needs of your organisation or household while meeting the most recent local council requirements.

    North Shore Paving is a Quality Assured Company that conforms to ISO 9001: 2015. We also have ISO 14001 and AS 4801 accreditation that ensure the required environmental protection measures are in place and that a safe working environment is maintained at all times.

    To learn more about our footpath construction services, the materials we work with and the options we offer, including peripheral works such as landscaping, call North Shore Paving today on (02) 9416 0100.