Client: NSW Department of Education
Location: North Sydney
Value: $1 Million

Description of Works

This project at North Sydney Boys High School was centred on the construction of 2 large concrete slabs with an area of 2,400m2, which formed the base of 2 multipurpose courts (tennis and basketball) and a futsal court. The multipurpose courts were finished with a durable acrylic paint surface and the futsal court finished with a synthetic grass surface and each slab was surrounded by chainwire fencing. Associated drainage included slab perimeter subsoil drainage and drainage with pits and pipes which all connected into existing stormwater services.

Using experienced personnel in combination with a total station, a high degree of accuracy for levels and positioning was maintained for all components of the project from excavation/subgrade preparation to the finish of concrete slabs. In addition to the major works, extensive concrete footpaths were constructed, linking the new sports courts with existing facilities. Landscaping works involved large areas of irrigated native planting in combination with synthetic grass surfaces.

Key Features

  • Large reinforced concrete slabs (2,400m2 total).
  • Sports court surface finishing (acrylic and synthetic turf)
  • Sports court fixtures (retractable basketball rings, removable tennis nets and futsal goal posts)
  • Earthworks (excavation and filling)
  • Stormwater (subsoil drainage, pipes and pits)
  • Irrigated native landscaping and shaped synthetic turf surfaces
  • Subgrade preparation, including rectification of soft-spots with cement stabilisation
  • Base course preparation
  • Concrete footpaths