Street Furniture

We have many years of experience, a network of trusted suppliers and an installation team that is the best in the business, which means that North Shore Paving can meet all of your Sydney street furniture needs with ease. In addition to our work in the city, we undertake projects across NSW so no matter where you are located, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. Our prices are competitive and the range of street furniture that we can supply includes custom products designed to your personal specifications in conjunction with our pavement works.
  • Bollards – From simple fixed bollards that are designed to restrict vehicular entry at all times to collapsible and removable models that offer more flexible access solutions, we can cater to all your needs. Sourced from leading manufacturers, all of the bollards that we supply are fabricated to exacting standards from high-quality materials.
  • Seating – We can supply and install a wide range of outdoor seating, including traditional council benches and modern steel units, both of which will take whatever the elements may throw at them and remain in excellent condition for many years to come
  • Architecturally Designed Features – If you would like to do something a little out of the ordinary with an outdoor space, you can order Sydney street furniture that is designed by experienced architects to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are refurbishing a corporate development or creating a totally new space for members of the public to use, let us help you to make it unique.
  • RMS Crash Barriers – Ideal for public highways and anywhere else that requires barriers accepted for use on classified roads in NSW, the systems we supply are all certified as being in compliance with the Roads and Maritime Specification R132, as it applies to safety barrier systems. Because of this, you can rest assured that they are manufactured to the highest standards and will provide an excellent level of protection.
  • Rubbish Bins – Perhaps not the most glamorous of street furniture items but essential nevertheless. From durable plastic to quality brushed steel, we can install any type of rubbish receptacle that you may require.
  • Bus Shelters – We have a great deal of experience in the specification and building of structures that provide adequate shelter for bus passengers in all weathers and would be delighted to extend our services in this area to you.
  • Boom Gates – For city car parks and any other outdoor spaces with access control requirements, boom gates are an efficient and cost effective solution. As with all of the street furniture in Sydney that we supply and install, our boom gates are durable, competitively priced and visually appealing.
We have the expertise, equipment and means to supply and install a comprehensive range of street furniture and traffic management structures so whatever your needs, please feel free to call and speak to one of our representatives today. We will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have and to prepare a competitive quotation for your consideration.