Client: NSW Office of Sport
Location: Narrabeen
Value: $700,000

Description of Works

The NSW Office of Sport owns and operates a world class sporting facility on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a number of access roads throughout the facility. North Shore Paving was contracted by the NSW Office of Sport to reconstruct two separate sections of these access roads including a full depth asphalt pavement, new concrete kerbs, stormwater drainage and a new retaining wall.

As part of the project, a steep section of road required extensive regrading to increase the ease of accesses for the buses accessing the facility.

Key Features

  • Road reconstruction including the regrading of a steep section of road
  • Extensive service relocation to allow for the road regrading
  • Construction of new concrete kerbs
  • Stormwater drainage with new pits, pipes and swales.
  • A new block retaining wall
  • Earthworks and slope stabilisation
  • Installation of signage, linemarking and a w-beam barrier