Milling / Resurfacing Services

Established in 1972 and providing services across Sydney and New South Wales, North Shore Paving offers a quick, clean and efficient milling and resurfacing service for all commercial and residential clients. From residential driveways to major roadways, from resurfacing to deep lift asphalt works, we have the equipment and the experienced to mill the surface to the highest industry standards. We can assist you with:
  • Carparks and Hardstand
  • Council and RMS Roads
  • Road Profiling / Milling
  • Base Stabilisation
  • Deeplift Patches
With more than 48 years’ experience delivering projects for a broad range of clients, including local councils as well as builders, commercial and residential clients, you can rely on the civil construction experts at North Shore Paving to deliver milling and resurfacing projects with emphasis placed on consistently meeting our clients’ individual needs and requirements.


Milling may be required for a number of purposes, including preparing the surface to be resurfaced and removing imperfections in the surface of the road, pavement or driveway to improve driving experiences, increase safety and enhance the overall lifespan of the surface. Milling can be used to remove issues such as:

Ravelling – The aggregate has become separated from the binder and is now loose on the surface.

Rutting – Low spots, usually in the wheel path, have formed on the surface in the direction of travel.

Uneven road surface – This includes imperfections such as bumps, depressions, swells and sags.

Milling is a requirement when preparing a section of road, driveway or pavement for resurfacing.


North Shore Paving has the equipment and the skilled manpower to resurface all roads, driveways, pavements and carparks for clients throughout Sydney and New South Wales. Asphalt and concrete are our specialities, with no project too big or too small for our team of experts to deliver to the very highest standards.

Asphalt – Once the surface has been prepared, a layer of asphalt will be laid over the prepared base. Asphalt is cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain and repair in the long-term.

Quality Assured Milling Services

For the assurances of our clients across Sydney and NSW, North Shore Paving offers a complete milling and resurfacing service. We’re accredited by the Roads and Maritime Services, own our asphalt paving machines and employ a professional and enthusiastic crew, including civil engineers and project managers that enables us to reinstate milled surfaces with new asphalt or concrete in a quick and competent manner.

Moreover, we’re a Quality Assured Company that conforms to ISO 9001: 2015 and we also have ISO 14001 and AS 4801 accreditation for your complete assurances of environmental management and a safe work environment at all times.

For further information about the milling and resurfacing services we provide or to discuss your project requirements with an expert and obtain a competitive and obligation-free quote, call North Shore Paving today on (02) 9416 0100.