Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Line Marking in Sydney

Whether you need line marking for residential, commercial, or industrial, North Shore Paving is the name you should look for.

North Shore Paving can give you a professional advice and execute all of your line marking work requirements which usually include line marking and a variety of designs and figures, including lettering using different colours and materials.

The quality of works we delivered can be assured as we are an RMS accredited line marking operator with a long record of experience to perform the job in the safe and professional manner.


For residential jobs in Sydney, we use quality paints suitable for line marking and prepare the surface before starting work to ensure a neat and long lasting result. Examples of residential jobs include:
  • Car park lines
  • Disabled car parking spaces
  • Numbering on car park bays
  • Line marking walkways
  • Painting words such as no parking, no standing, etc.
  • Home sports courts e.g. tennis, basketball or badminton courts

Commercial and Industrial

For commercial and industrial works, we are well aware that it is essential to avoid the opening times so that the business will not be interrupted.

The common commercial and industrial line marking works are such as;
  • Sports Courts and Playgrounds - We are experienced in conducting line marking on sport courts and playgrounds for schools or sport clubs and fitness centres, both on the asphalt and concrete surface.
  • Retail Parks - With retail businesses, we pay attention to our clients' trading hours and peak times and strictly occupy the site only when stores and outlets are closed or not at their peak business time.
  • Warehouses and Factories - Warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants require a variety of marking jobs, whether new marking tasks or refreshing of the old ones. The general works for this kind of environment are such as line marks for walkways, driver safety zones, no standing / no parking / no entrance zone, numbering on car parking bays, exits, arrows and direction guidance on the ground, wording or logos painted on the ground in specific colours to suit road traffic legislation requirements or any other colours upon your request.
  • Airports And Railway Stations - For transport centres and facilities, we always make sure our working crew shall create the least interruption to the travel schedules.
North Shore Paving always put our strong focus on safety, adhering to the Safe Work Australia’s standards. We only use high standard and well maintained equipment from accredited suppliers. Customers can have a peace of mind when they trust us to complete their line marking tasks.

For more information and any enquiry about line marking, please call 02 9416 0100, email or request a quote online.