Car Parks & Driveways

One of our areas of specialisation is the design and construction of car parking facilities throughout Sydney and the surrounding area. We offer an extensive range of services from single parking spots for private residences to large car parks in retail developments - we can complete projects of all sizes. Our team has many years of experience and is adept at working with asphalt, concrete, gravel and all other commonly specified surfaces. If you would like to talk to us about your car park requirements and obtain a comprehensive quotation, please call during business hours. Alternatively, email us with brief details of the project you would like to discuss and we will be more than happy to call you whenever convenient.

Our Sydney Car Park Design and Construction Services

Among the type of car park surfaces we regularly work with, those listed below are the most common. However, if you require something a little out of the ordinary, please do not hesitate to ask.

Asphalt Car Parks – Asphalt is a popular choice for both commercial and residential applications, owing to the fact it is more cost effective than concrete yet still hard wearing. With very little maintenance it can remain in excellent condition for many years.

Concrete Car Parks – Concrete is more expensive than asphalt, however, it is generally more durable so it is an attractive option for high traffic areas.

Brick Paving Car Parks – If aesthetics are an important consideration, this could be a good option and with our experience, we can guarantee excellent results with all types of paving bricks. Once the bricks are laid, the surface is ready to use immediately, unlike concrete.

Gravel Car Parks – One of the cheapest surfaces available and one of the most attractive too, gravel is another good choice of surface if aesthetics are high on your list of priorities. However, it is perhaps more suitable for residential than commercial parking areas unless maintenance is not an issue.

Road Base Hardstand Car Parks – As it is an unsealed surface, it is more susceptible to wear and tear from general use and extreme weather conditions. However, roadbase hardstand can be a very cost effective, efficient solution for certain commercial applications. It is a good choice for organisations that wish to spread the installation cost of a new asphalt car park over a longer period of time as it can be sealed with asphalt months or even years after it is laid.

Turf Pave Car Parks – This interlocking plastic paving system is designed to be installed on grass and provides a strong porous surface that is ideal for areas only used as occasional car parks.

Our team of qualified civil engineers have successfully completed many projects in factories, schools, shopping centres, railways stations and residential properties and would be delighted to handle your car park project so please call and speak to us today.