Client: NSW Office of Sport
Location: Castlereagh
Value: $420,000

Description of Works

North Shore Paving was contracted to overhaul a 315m long and 16m wide multipurpose pavement area at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith. The overhaul of this road, car park and bus drop off area included; milling of the existing surface, a new road base layer and asphalt layer, new kerbs and a stormwater drainage system.

When building straight kerb sections of such distance, it is important to have the kerb straight and at the correct angle. Using North Shore Paving’s total station, we were able to easily provide a continuous survey that ensured precise construction without getting in the way of other works on site.

Key Features

  • 5,000m2 of new asphalt paving
  • 365m of new concrete kerbs
  • A 340m swale with associated subsurface drainage
  • A stormwater system consisting of new pits and pipes