Ryde Hospital Carpark

Client Value NSW Health $1.1 million

Description of Works

The design and construction of two new car parks provided additional parking spaces for patrons of the Facility. This project comprised of the design and construction of a 57 space reinforced concrete car park and an 8 space flexible pavement (asphalt) car park. Working within the confines of a Hospital, clear communications were maintained to minimise the impact of construction works on the day to day activities of the hospital. Additional design work was completed to enable the future expansion of the main car park.

Key Features

* Earthworks (Demolition, Excavations and Filling)
* Block Retaining Walls
* Stormwater (piped networks and above ground detention)
* Subgrade and base course preparation
* Kerb and gutters
* Footpaths
* Asphalt and Concrete Pavements
* Fencing
* Landscaping
* Lighting and CCTV
* Signage and Linemarking