P7 Car Park – Sydney Olympic Park - North Shore Paving
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P7 Car Park – Sydney Olympic Park

Client                                                                Value

Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA)             $1.0 million

 Description of Works

P7 car park is located within Sydney Olympic Park and is at the heart of transport and logistics for the recently completed NSW Netball Central building and the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre. As a result of increasing demand on these facilities, North Shore Paving was contracted to build a new extension to P7 car park with 81 spaces and provide a stormwater filtration and retention tank system that would provide relief to the nearby wetland.

Using North Shore Paving’s advanced total station in conjunction with a grader linkage system, we were able to construct the car park to a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that each design element is located in its intended position and no material is unnecessarily wasted. 

 Key Features

  • 81 car spaces installed
  • Associated earthworks and high accuracy grading
  • An extensive stormwater system featuring; a 66,000L stormwater detention tank, a high capacity stormwater filtration system and 9 high capacity pits.
  • New high efficiency LED lighting system
  • Boom gate relocation
  • Detailed site remediation with smooth slope batters
  • Signage and linemarking

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