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Gordon At-Grade Paving Project

Client                                                                Value

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW)            $ 2 million

 Description of Works

The Gordon Commuter Carpark project involved a complete rebuild of the existing at-grade carpark with an extension into the rail corridor. The new carpark includes a new stormwater system, ‘Stormtrap’ and ‘Humeceptor’, which were designed to reduce the impact of increased runoff on the surrounding environment. New fencing and lighting provide a safe parking area for commuters. The carpark facility consists of 105 car spaces including a designated disabled parking area of 3 car spaces. Access to the carpark is designed to allow fluid traffic flow to avoid traffic disruption and allow Sydney Trains access to the rail corridor.The upgrade of the Werona Ave Gordon Interchange involved the installation of two new bus shelters, two upgraded pedestrian crossings, a bicycle storage area and a DDA compliant pedestrian footpath.

Key Features


  • Site remediation (heavy metal contaminated soils)
  • Asphalt road pavement
  • Concrete footpaths and heavy duty pavements
  • DDA compliant pedestrian footpath and parking spaces
  • Concrete kerb and gutter
  • Retaining walls (block and piled)
  • Stormwater (including water detention system and oil separator)
  • Security perimeter fencing
  • Lighting, switch board and isolation transformer
  • Subgrade, sub base and base course preparation
  • Bus shelter bicycle storage


Photos courtesy of Transport for NSW

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