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About North Shore Paving

North Shore Paving Co Pty Ltd is a Civil Engineering company specialising in the construction of carparks, roads, playing fields, earthworks, drainage, retaining structures, kerb and guttering, basecourse, asphalting, linemarking, concreting, landscaping and ancillary works etc

We own all the equipment necessary for Civil Works and Asphalting projects, and all sites are controlled by Civil Engineers so that you can expect a high quality project to be delivered and that our services to are both professional and efficient.   The value of our contracts vary up to $5 million each, with an annual total turnover of over $10 million per year.   We have successfully carried out approximately 8,700 jobs over the last 42 years.

Our Company regularly carries out work for Transport for NSW, the NSW Department of Commerce, Sydney Water, Energy Australia, Integral Energy, local Councils, developers, builders, large Corporations, Rail Infrastructure Corporation, Sydney University, University of NSW, Macquarie University, Public and Private schools, and the Department of Defence.

We are a Quality Assured Company conforming to ISO 9001: 2008.   Our W.H.S. & R. Management System has been accredited with the NSW Department of Commerce, Rail Corporation NSW, Roads & Traffic Authority and Sydney Water Corporation.

We have Pre-qualification R2, A2 and F15 from the Roads and Maritime Services.   We are also pre-qualified with the Water Board, NSW Department of Commerce, Transport for NSW, Rail Corporation NSW as well as various councils across the Sydney metropolitan region.