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April 24, 2018
Car Parks
April 25, 2018

For constructing a durable surface and pavement, creating a strong base course and subgrade is essential to give you a long term pavement solution. North Shore Paving can provide advice on the best and most economical pavement solutions.

North Shore Paving self performs the construction works and can provide all your construction requirements. This includes Flexible Pavements (Asphalt or Bitumen Seals) or Rigid Pavements (Concrete).

We Know Best About Road Construction Sydney

North Shore Paving is among the experts when it comes to road pavements and construction. All the works will be conducted and supervised by qualified civil engineers who have the knowledge and experience in road construction. No matter what loading requirements and other foundation conditions are present, we can provide design solutions around them and give you a great result. We are RMS accredited with a strong record of experience in the field for many years, making us one of the leading paving contractors in Sydney with an unbeatable capability to complete jobs of all sizes to meet our customers’ requirements.

Not just the skilled and experienced engineers, we also have the advance technology required to complete all assigned jobs within a variety of designs and specific requirements.

Our capabilities in road paving and constructions include the following:

●       Asphalt Roads

●       Concrete Roads and Structures

●       Council Roads and Car Parks

●       Access Roads and Tracks

●       Council Crossings

●       Brick Paving

●       Factory and Industrial Facilities

●       Hot Bitumen Seals and Bitumen Emulsion Seals

●       Coloured Gravels and Decorative Finishes

●       Road Base Preparation

Our Clients

We have been trusted by a number of major construction organisations in Australia to be a part of the road construction projects across Sydney and NSW. Our exquisite list of customers includes Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, John Holland, Lend Lease, Leighton Contractors, just to name a few.

For more information and any enquiry about road paving and construction, please call 02 9416 0100, email or request a quote online.

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